About Jolly Roger Roasting Co.

the coffee

Here at the Jolly Roger Roasting Company, we focus on maximizing the original flavor potential of our coffee. We don't believe that coffee needs flavor additives to be enjoyable. Accomplishing this requires a threefold approach to our coffee:

1. Sourcing high quality beans
2. Perfecting our roast profile to produce the maximum amount of flavor for each batch of beans
3. Ensuring freshness in all beans that are sold

To this end, we do not offer different roast levels for our beans. While we agree that taste is personal to the individual and some people may prefer a darker or lighter roast on a specific bean, we cannot tailor our roasts to every single individual due to our small size. So instead, we strive to find the best balance of roast depth for every bean we get. Some beans, like a Sumatra for example, may have a slightly darker roast. And some beans, like an Ethiopian, will be slightly lighter. But we assure you that we experiment with each and every shipment of beans that we get to arrive at what we consider the best roast possible.

The final step in our process is freshness. After roasting a batch of beans, the immediate flavor profile will have a unique aromatic quality that affects its flavor. That quality quickly fades as the bean rests, usually over 24-48 hours. After this resting period the coffee achieves what is generally considered its best flavor profile. This flavor profile will slowly fade over the course of a few weeks (15 days is the golden standard, but it varies from bean to bean). This is our sweet spot, and to ensure our customers have the maximum amount of time to enjoy their coffee within this window, we are committed to only roasting our beans as orders are placed and shipping immediately afterwards. This allows the bean to rest before arriving at your door, and during the course of the next few weeks you can enjoy the best cup of coffee possible. This does limit us, however, to not be able to guarantee same or next day shipment of all orders. Some orders may sit unfilled for a few days as we prep for our next roast cycle. But we assure you that this is done in order to guarantee freshness in the product that we deliver to you. That way, when you receive a bag of Jolly Roger beans, you know that it was freshly roasted and not just some bag of beans that was sitting on our shelf for a week waiting to be shipped out.

The final stage of having delicious coffee is what happens after you receive it. We encourage everyone to read our blog post about storing, grinding, and brewing your coffee to ensure that you are getting the most out of the product you are receiving from us.

the crew

After growing up on a ranch in Montana, Andrew Borntrager took off to see the world before settling in to Eugene, OR. Being in the Pacific Northwest, developing a love for coffee was not unexpected. After sampling what the area had to offer, he and his dad got their first roaster and started experimenting on their own. Years later and now Andrew and his girlfriend Mae are steering the helm of the good ol' Jolly Roger!

the carronade

Our roaster was manufactured in 2014 by the U.S. Roaster Corp who are renowned for applying industrial-level manufacturing and materials in smaller “shop” roasters.  Contained within is a stainless steel drum capable of roasting 3kg (7lbs) of delicious green beans per batch.


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