A Clean Coffee Maker is a Happy One!

Today's log is just a very quick short note about maintenance on your coffee machine. This applies most directly to drip machines, but every form of coffee maker needs to be cleaned! This is an often overlooked step in the process. Most people, and understandably so, fall into the mentality that as long as they change their filters and clean their carafe then everything's fine!


But you'd be surprised!


First off, if you're like I used to be, you often go from empty carafe to fresh pots with as little transition as possible. When prepping the fresh pot you might just rinse out the carafe, and then use it to refill the reservoir on your machine. Over time, however, the small bits of residue in the carafe will start to gunk up your machine! This is no good! Eventually your coffee will start to get a sour, rancid taste. You'll find that with our premium gourmet coffee this will be far more noticeable simply because you expect such poignant flavor from our coffee, and any sourness will really stand out compared to other, overroasted coffee that doesn't taste that special to start with. But even if you do actually clean your carafe thoroughly or use a separate clean container to fill your reservoir with, you still should clean your coffee maker regularly.


Personally, I just run a full batch of 50/50 water/white vinegar through my machine once a month, and then run a couple 100% water batches to rinse it out. But I don't have hard water. If you have really hard water with lots of scaley, minerally deposits then you may want to get some descaling tablets to run through. You should be able to find them at most local stores that sell coffee machines and/or cleaning supplies. Otherwise, a quick internet search for descaling tablets will get you there. Anything that says it's good for coffee machines will do the trick.

So clean that coffee machine and lets get back to drinking fresh, delicious coffee!