Shipping Options

Everyone will be curious how our shipping works, so we wanted to take a moment to explain them as clearly as possible.


We ship USPS Priority Mail. Everything will ship in a flat rate box, so we are restricted only by the size of the boxes. One pound ships for $5. Unfortunately, anything over a single pound requires the medium size flat rate box. This box can hold up to 8 pounds of coffee, so 2-8 pounds will ship for the same price: $10. The next size box can hold 16 pounds, so 9-16 is $15. If you are ordering more than 16 pounds please contact us for bulk pricing options.


We would also like to give the option to people local to the Eugene, OR area the option of picking up their coffee directly. This helps save everyone time and resources. Please note that to select this option you should have already contacted us and made arrangements to pick it up locally. Because of the limitations of our roasting schedule, we will not always have coffee on hand and need to work together to schedule a time and a pickup location when your coffee is roasted and ready. As local sales grow, we may be able to set up a more permanent pickup location. We are holding that as a hopeful opportunity in the future.