What is Gourmet Coffee??

Using buzzwords like "gourmet" and "premium" are fairly non-descript in this day and age. You can go to any local store and find coffee labeled as gourmet, or premium, or probably both. Here, I wanted to explain why exactly we call our coffee gourmet, and why we think it's worth the price it costs you.


The first thing, and most important thing, about our coffee is that it is hand selected direct from the independent growers who produce it. We do not buy blended batches or generic bulk green beans. Our suppliers actually visit the farms and talk directly to the growers, and test the beans right then and there. They rate the beans based on their taste testing, and report back to us on what they recommend we get. So every bean you get has been hand selected for the best flavor profile from that region. Compare that to the <insert popular brand here>  you can find sold in most stores, and you will find that the majority of big label roasting companies buy beans in bulk from resellers that have blended sometimes hundreds of batches of green beans from multiple sources. While this gives them a much larger quantity of beans that will all have a similar flavor profile, it limits the uniqueness and character of the final product. We choose to go for what we consider a truly "premium" approach, and in doing so we buy smaller quantities directly from the growers. While it carries a higher price tag, we feel it is worth it when you taste what is supremely a delicious cup of coffee. Also to note, however, is that this means once our small batches of beans runs out it will not likely be replaced with an exact match. While we will always strive to keep beans in stock from all the popular regions, each batch we get might have slight variances in flavor. We'll keep you informed when current batches run out and when we are shifting to a new batch, and what that might mean to you in flavor differences.


I'll go in to further detail later about the economic benefits of this approach, but suffice it to say buying directly from the farmer is above and beyond the "fair trade" system. It cuts out the extra middlemen and transfers that profit directly to the growers so that they can afford to sell to us instead of giving in to corporate pressure and selling out to the big brands.