New Ethiopian Coffee! (and other product updates)

Good news, coffee fans! We've brought in a new Ethiopian product. For many in the world of coffee snobbery, Ethiopian coffees are well regarded as the holy grail of beans. Walk into the Hipsterist coffee bar you can find and utter the words "Yirga Cheffe" and the skies will open, the clouds will part, and light will shine down on you as the angels sing your praises.

But for the rest of us, we're just interested in finding the best cup of coffee we can. I've sampled many different kinds of Ethiopian coffees and I feel that this coffee is a great option. It doesn't have the overpoweringly "winey" fruit flavor of many popular Ethiopians. It has more of a straight up "coffee" taste, with sweet fruity notes and a nice clean finish. I think you will like it, give it a try!


We've also pulled the Brazilian and Costa Rican coffees for now. We are watching the markets closely to find a suitable replacement. As soon as a good Costa Rican is available I'll be jumping on it for sure. Same for Brazilian, as those two were very excellent origins. But I am also throwing around some ideas for a Columbian or Rwandan. We'll see what I find! I can guarantee it'll be real tasty, whatever we get!