New Costa Rican and Guatemalan Coffee!

We are excited to bring you two new coffees to try!


First we are bring back a new Costa Rican (finally, after waiting almost a year since the last decent crop from the area). This is an amazing coffee that really shines with our medium roast. You will be surprised by the complexity and cleanness of this brew, and it will satisfy your taste buds!


Secondly we are sad to say our last batch of Guatemalan has run out, which was a customer favorite as well as our own personal favorite (now quickly being supplanted by the above Costa Rican!!). But fear not! We have brought in a new Guatemalan that brings with it a bright, sweetly acidic accompaniment of flavors! You may be surprised by this Guatemalan if you were used to the previous one, but we are confident that you will find it delicious and rewarding as well!