New Coffee from Guatemala and a New Tanzania Bean!

I am very excited to announce that we've added a bean from a new region we've yet to be able to offer! This Tanzania bean fits a niche in our inventory that we've not been able to truly fill before: the dark flavored coffee! This makes the Sumatran taste like sugar water! (ok, so that's a bit much. The Sumatran is still deliciously dark) But this coffee is the darkest tasting coffee we've ever had, and yet it still carries with it a complex profile of sweetness and fruit flavors. They are just much more subtle undertones under the powerful flavor of dark, rich acidity. Something many of our customers have requested specifically, and we are excited to be able to offer!

We also are rolling out a new Guatemalan from an old favorite location: the Morales Family in Huehuetenango. This is exactly how we remember it being last year and the reason why we keep buying it every year when it's available. A deliciously balanced cup of coffee that fits every mood!