Three New Coffee Origins!

We are excited to announce a whopping 3 new coffee origins now available in our store! We had an unprecedented 3 coffees run out at the same time, which is fun for us because we get to provide lots of new options for people to try!

If you're a subscriber you've already gotten a chance to try some of these new coffees before they were available to the general public, but now everyone has a chance to give them a shot!


This new Costa Rican is a sweet and fruit-filled brew with a cleansing citrus undertone. It is very tasty and possibly my favorite Costa Rican yet.

The new Ethiopian is one of the fruitiest Ethiopians we've tried so far, and it's had really good reviews. It gets into that popular "blueberry" overtone that Yirga Cheffe's are sought out for. It's a competition grade coffee, so give it a shot to see what some of the more elite connoisseurs are raving about.

Our new Rwandan rounds out our offerings with a caramel and darker fruit flavor profile. It's a well rounded balance of sweet and rich to satisfy your craving for delicious.


All of these new coffees are delicious and have a great versatility in brewing options. From Cold Brew to Drip to Espresso, you'll find that they all make a great cup of jo. Head on over to the store and give them a go!