Pi Day Sale!

Bend yer earholes, ye dry footed landlubbers; I do be reporting good news from the high seas! Tis been a plunderous year and we do be overflowing wit delicious dark magical beans!

We've also recently had word from the dastardly ol' scallywag Joro on his #monkeymonday report, and da scampering rascal got his little monkey paws on an entire pie! According to his rambling tale, it went quite well with his morning cup of jo.

In honor of the dishonorable monkey, we do hereby declare the next 3 days, 14 hours, and 59 minutes international Pie Day.... for no known reason. We just do be liking the ring o' da numbers... they be sounding all important and such... mayhaps we did hear it be said before somewhere...

So head on over to http://www.jororoco.com/coffee/ and don't forget to enter the discount code Pie for 15% off all coffee orders or yer a barnacle's uncle!


All orders placed will be roasted and shipped Monday, March 21