Subscriptions are back!

We are excited to announce that subscriptions are back and better than ever! Now instead of having to commit to a single origin bean forever, you can simply subscribe to a flavor profile and you will receive regular shipments of various beans fitting that profile, or you can sign up for a medley to receive beans that fit the whole range of available flavors!

We'd love to hear your feedback on this new system and we hope you all enjoy your coffee!

And as a reminder, as a reward for joining the crew of the Jolly Roger, you will receive more than just regular coffee delivered fresh to your door!

What you get with your subscription:

1. Delicious fresh roasted coffee delivered to you regularly!

2. Permanent 10% on any additional orders placed on our website (with special code provided with your subscription).

3. Occasional exclusive preview samples of new coffees as they come available.

4. Free passage through any pirate controlled waters (safety only guaranteed when accompanied by official crew of the Jolly Roger)

Check it out now! http://www.jororoco.com/sub/