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Sumatra Lintong Aek Nauli


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Product Description

1 pound


With the earthy sweetness you expect from an Indonesian coffee, this Sumatra has a complex dark sugar sweetness to complement the modest acidity and rich fruited flavors. The cup finishes off with zest; the cacao taste lingering into a lightly bittering aftertaste. A complex and deep flavor profile for those who like a deeper and richer cup of coffee.


The Lintong Nihota region continues to be one of our favorite zones for getting Indonesian beans. Lake Toba, the largest volcanic crater in the world, provides the region with rich volcanic soil that provides that deep and earthy component to the beans grown nearby. The nearby mill makes every effort to follow strict routines for keeping batches separated and processed properly to ensure the highest quality coffee to export.


These beans are wet-hulled and processed.

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