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Costa Rica Tarrazu "San Francisco"


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Product Description

1 pound


Molasses and butter toffee sweetness, orange and blackberry accent notes, and apple-like vibrance with a faint bittersweet finish.


This microlot was produced by Roger Solis, at the highest part of his farm, "San Francisco", the peak reaching just above 1900 meters. This particular lot is mechanically washed at Roger's micro-mill La Casona, which is surrounded by several different coffee plots like this one. The city of San Marcos is in the Talamanca Sierra highlands, with peaks reaching as high as 3000 meters. It's an ideal micro-region and climate for growing coffee with rich volcanic soil, great altitude, and is shaded from the hot afternoon suns by mountain peaks.


This is what is considered to be "fully washed" by Costa Rican standards. That is, even though no fermentation is used to remove the fruit, they set the demucilager to remove the most fruit possible without scoring the seed. The resulting cup is a close approximation to "fully washed", fermented coffee, and the cup is clean, and acidity sparkles.

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