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Inventory Sellout Deal!


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Product Description

This product only ships out once a month due to the nature of the product and our roasting schedules, so your order may take several weeks to arrive depending on when you place it! We will notify you when your order ships.

We are always trying different coffees with the hopes of keeping the best of the best available for our customers. Sometimes we have excess inventory of coffee that, while still quite delicious, does not stand out as a single origin in the same way our main products do. This does not, however, make it an unusable coffee. It does not even reflect the objective quality of the bean; it simply reflects its ability to stand on its own as a single origin.

If you purchase a pound of inventory sellout coffee it may be a blend of several different varieties, it all depends on what is on hand. It is basically a grab bag. While we guarantee that it meets our standards (aka it will be roasted for flavor and have minimal unpleasant bitterness) there is no guarantee of a specific flavor profile. It may be light and fruity; it may be dark and robust (or anywhere in between, maybe with some nuttiness too!) Surprise yourself and get a bag on the cheap!

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